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Budget Casket Company is a 1-stop solution company, we are dedicated to providing our utmost services during your hardest period. 24/7 standby for all you need, be it it’s during wee hours. Transparent pricing, detail attention, we pledge to deliver only the best and worry free service.



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Traditional Funeral Services In Singapore

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The most effortless approach to held a funeral services in Singapore is to hire an accomplished, dependable and legitimate Funeral Director ,last but not least transparent pricing funeral director to help with the plans and deal with all the necessity coordination. Furthermore, captivating a Funeral Director in Singapore is simple; there are many organizations, including independent ones, who will anxiously strive for your employment. Notwithstanding, some may participate in draw and switch strategies, while others may cite an absurdly low cost to win over the business, just for you to understand that there are heaps of concealed cost not indicated in the underlying citation.

At Traditional Funeral Services, we comprehend that even the least complex of choices at such circumstances are troublesome and will never depend on exploitative practices to go after our clients and win them over. With over 20 years of experience as funeral directors, we are entrusted by numerous to handle different religion funeral services as all of our funeral director of different religion are very experience and ensure that all funeral services is held traditionally with no short cut as not many youngster or x generation actually know the actual/ correct way the ritual should be held . Call us now @ +65 9239 9165 / +65 8382 2962 or email us @  help@budgetcasketcompany.com learn more about our service.

What to Do When Death Occurs?

Is very normal you will feel confused when death occur in the family. On occasion, assembling your considerations alone may require noteworthy exertion. By law in Singapore, the death has to be registered within 24 hours of occurrence. You can visit ICA website to learn more about it https://www.ica.gov.sg/page.aspx?pageid=146.

You just need to follow this 3 simple steps as below:

  • Get the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD)

When death occurs, you will need a doctor to certify the cause of death and issue the CCOD. This could be the doctor in attendance at the hospital or your family doctor if death occurred at home.

  • Engage an Undertaker

Upon obtaining the CCOD, you will be able to engage an undertaker. There are many funeral services companies in Singapore. Be sure you engage a reputable one with transparent pricing policy. You don’t want to be shock with a host of hidden charges when presented with the final bill.

  • Register the Death

Death registration can be done at any neighbourhood police post or the Registry of Birth and Death. Their address is:
10 Kallang Road
Level 3
Singapore 208718

(Nearest MRT Station: Lavender)

For deaths in Government or Government Restructured Hospitals, there is an added option of registering the death in the hospital itself.

To register the death, you will need to bring along your identification papers (i.e. IC or Passport) and that of the deceased plus the CCOD. You also have to decide if the body is to be buried or cremated as this decision has to be made at point of registration.

Once the registration is completed, the death certificate will be issued.