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Soka Funeral Services 創価教

We customise packages that suits all budget

Services includes:

  • Casket Half Glass Polished Wood
  • Manpower Services & Funeral Hearse
  • Buddhist Set up
  • Buddhist Chanting
  • Flower and Photo Services
  • Prayer Items
  • Aircon Bus
  • Online Memorial
  • Tentage, Tables & Chairs

Understand More About SOKA

Soka (value-creation) philosophy that the life-affirming teachings of Buddhism empowers one to change negativities in life into empowering and value-creative experiences to benefit not only oneself but the surrounding people, starting from the family, the places of work, the community and society at large.

Buddhist study classes at the district level were introduced in 2006 to encourage wider participation of members in the learning and discussions on Nichiren Buddhism. The district level study provides a more conducive group size to engage members in discussions and exchanges on Buddhist topics, thus keeps alive the spirit of dialogue that directly enhances the members’ faith and practice.

Vesak Day Prayer for Peace
Vesak Day commemorates the birth, enlightenment and passing of Shakyamuni Buddha. In the teachings of Nichiren Buddhism, the great founder of Buddhism is held in high regard with honorific references such as “Lord of Teachings”, “One Who Can Endure” and “The World Honoured One of Great Enlightenment”.

Singapore Soka Association commemorates the significance of Vesak Day with prayer sessions for world peace. It is an occasion to remind all of the prime-point of Buddhism that is peace and respect for the dignity of life.

Ceremony for Conferment of Gohonzon
The Association conducts Ceremony for Conferment of Gohozon for new members to receive the Gohonzon – the fundamental object of devotion. This enables members to carry out their daily Buddhist practice at home in an appropriate manner.

The significance of Gohonzon conferment is more than ceremonial. It is a new departure in faith and practice as new believers would make commitment for the object of devotion only as their faith has been testified with the life transforming experience due to the practice of Nichiren Buddhism.

Memorial Prayer Meeting
Memorial Prayer Meetings are held in April in conjunction with the traditional Chinese Qing Ming Festival.

A Senja Soka Centre, special memorial services are conducted for families to offer memorial prayers for beneficiaries of the AnLe Memorial Hall.