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Catholic Funeral Services 天主教

Catholic Funeral Services In Singapore
We offer customised packages, that suits all budgets

When death happens, everyone will be in grief and it’s difficult to coordinate things around. We help by breaking our services into 2 phases.

Phase 1- Setting up the wake:

  • Dressing up & Simple Make-up (Clothes of deceased)
  • Polished Wood Casket
  • Logistics of deceased body to wake address
  • Booking of cremation slot & arrangement (Mandai Crematorium & Columbarium Complex)
  • Standard Void deck Tentage Setup
    • Carpet flooring & curtain
    • 10 round tables
    • 15 square tables
    • 100 plastic chairs
    • 2 big fans
    • 4 small fans
    • 2 PowerPoint & general lightings
  • PA System
  • Funeral Decoration
  • Photo Flower Wreath – Standard Size 11″ x 13″
  • Floral Cross Wreath
  • Condolences Book
  • Safe Box

Phase 2 – Saying the last Good-Bye

  • Pallbearer Services
  • Aircon Bus 45-Seater
  • Ash collection service

Package Pricing

3 Days – from $6,088

5 Days – from $6,588


    Please Note - Cost of items may vary if requirement/ volumme of items increases.
    请注意 - 如果需求增加/数量增加,项目价钱会有所不同。

    Optional Services & Additional Services 可选服务及额外服务

    Feel free to get the prices from our funeral directors

    • Obituary 刊登补告
    • Peanuts & sweets 花生和糖果
    • Food Catering Buffet – (Min 30pax) 餐饮 – 至少30人 – catering.budgetcasketcompany.com
    • Ashes Columbarium – 骨灰安置处
    • Portable Aircon 室外空调
    • Fridge冰箱
    • Mobile Toilet 移动厕所


    The Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Complex is the only cemetery in Singapore still open for burials.

    Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Booking Office
    910 Choa Chu Kang Road
    Singapore 699819

    More Information here

    Understand More About Catholic Funeral Services

    Where To Hold A Catholic Funeral

    Catholic funerals are held in Catholic churches, though they may also be held in the chapels of Catholic assisted living or care facilities or in the chapels at Catholic cemeteries.

    The Catholic Funeral Service

    Priests lead the Funeral Mass, and may also lead the funeral liturgy (service). If a priest is not available, deacons may lead the funeral liturgy. If a deacon is not available, a layperson with knowledge of the liturgy and traditions may lead the service. However, only a priest or a deacon may delivery the homily (sermon), which will also serve to remember the deceased by incorporating examples from the deceased’s life.

    Specific Catholic Funeral Arrangements

    Throughout the service, no matter who is leading, laypeople may participate as readers, musicians, pallbearers, ushers, and in other usual roles. The music played at the Funeral Mass should be appropriate church music; popular or non-religious music is not appropriate. However, the family of the person who died may coordinate with the priest to have special or especially meaningful hymns, psalms, or readings included in the Mass.


    The Rite of Committal is the Catholic interment service, at which the body is finally buried or interred. The Rite of Committal may take place at a gravesite, mausoleum crypt or tomb, or columbarium (in the event that the body was cremated). Family and friends gather together with a priest or deacon to pray over the body one last time. In order to make the burial or interment site a sacred place for the deceased, the priest or deacon will bless the place before the body or remains are placed inside. After the site has been blessed, the body or remains will be committed to the earth. The priest or deacon will then recite more prayers, and then everyone will join in to say the Lord’s Prayer.

    Mourning Period And Memorial Events

    There is no prescribed mourning period or memorial events in Catholicism.

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