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 Customisable Funeral Packages for All Religions

At 1- Stop Funeral Services, our packages include the most important & essential items, at the lowest price.

Only Essential and Important items are included: 

We ensure that items in the packages designed, consists of only the truly essential items, and of the highest importance. Optional items are excluded, as we understand that during this time of grief, difficult decisions are hard to make. Therefore non – essential items are excluded, and available only as an option as and when you require.

Transparent Pricing & Value Added Services

We practice transparency & would be assisting you throughout the period to help and explain what is needed for your loved one. We provide full guidance through the entire period, ensuring everything runs like smoothly.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us at any point. We provide top notch customer service, and ensure that you will have a peace of mind.


    Our packages are designed to be affordable and transparent to our clients. We will explain clearly on what’s included and what’s not. Rest assured that the last journey will be smooth and taken care of.

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