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We covered all services right from the start to the end of the last journey of your loved ones.

We understand the sudden loss of loved ones. But do not worry, our experienced directors will guide you through the whole procedures with a peace of mind.

Here are some things to do immediately:

  • Obtain a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) from the hospital. If the death occurs at home, call and ambulance or a family doctor who can make a house visit to certify and issue CCOD.


  • Our embalming team is 24/7 on call to follow up with the cleaning, embalming, and dressing once the CCOD is issued. Do prepare a set of clean clothes for our team.


  • You can then proceed to Registry of Birth and Deaths (RBD) counter at the hospital or any Police Station nearby. Bring along the CCOD, deceased and informant’s IC, inform the office the place of cremation or burial. The officer will then issue the Death Certificate and Permit for Cremation or Burial.


  • You will then need to go to your town council to apply usage of the void deck. List of town council contactable can be found HERE.


  • When there is no doctor to certify the death, police will arrange body to be collected from Mortuary@HSA (located at Block 9 Singapore General Hospital).

The transportation of the body after embalming will cover by us.

Our directors will be there the first minute to run you through the necessaries.



  • 从医院取得死因证书(CCOD)。如果死亡发生在家中,打电话和救护车,或寻找邻里的家庭医生到家里,以证明和发行CCOD。


  • 我们的小组全天候支援,一旦CCOD发行,就可以跟进清洁,防腐,化妆和更衣。记的准备一套干净的衣服。


  • 然后,您可以在医院或附近的任何警察局处理死亡登记处柜台(RBD)。携带CCOD,死者和联络人的IC,通知办公室火化或埋葬的地方。随后,该人员将发出火葬死亡证明和葬礼许可证。


  • 然后你需要去你的镇议会申请使用组屋楼下的使用权。镇议会联系名单可以在这里找到。


  • 当没有医生证明死亡时,警方将安排从Mortuary @ HSA(位于新加坡总医院9座)提取尸体。



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