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Gong Teck 公德

Dates For Prayers 作七

  • 1st week  头七
  • 2nd week 二七
  • 3rd week 三七
  • 4th week 四七
  • 5th week  五七
  • 6th week 六七
  • 7th week 七七
  • Birthday 生日
  • 100th day 百日
  • Memorial date 对年

Things to note 注意事项

安位以后照祭拜两餐 – 早餐和晚餐 Prayer offerings twice a day during breakfast and dinner

每逢作七(四十九日)拆灵可拜丰富饭菜 – 12菜碗,水果,红丸包, 发糕Offer sumptuous meal on the 49th day – 12 dishes, fruits, red buns, huat kueh

第一年作节,任何时间可拜。四个节日有端午节,中元节,冬至,除夕。请不要拜粽子与汤圆可用水果和饭菜代替。In the first year, festival prayers can be done anytime of the day. The four festivals are Dumpling Festival, Seventh Month Festival and Dongzhi Festival and New Year’s Eve. Do not use rice dumplings and tangyuan as offerings, replace with dishes and fruits.

第一年清明拜正日Prayers on Qingming Festival on actual day in the first year.

第一年生日祭拜后才拜忌辰. 生日祭拜面线蛋一碗。若佛教一碗面线。Prayers on birthday during first year of death before commemorating death anniversary subsequently. Offer bowl of meesua with an egg for birthday offering. Buddhists offer a bowl of meesua.

祭日在十二点之前拜Prayers to be done before 12 noon.